Why Should You Apply For Legal Separation?

Instead of going through with a divorce once and for all, most couples have the option of choosing a legal separation. It is better to draw up such agreements that are legal especially when you are opting to live separate. So here is why you should apply for one before you go through with living separately;

A clear definition

Most couples tend to fight and get in to disagreements at one point or the other. But when it is at a point where communication and understanding isn’t working out, then it would be beneficial to apply for a legal separation. This doesn’t mean that every time things don’t go your way, you ought to give up and take the first escape route. No, you need to first keep trying to get through to each other. Try to make things work. Because if you do decide on something that is permanent then you have no choice but to follow the divorce law Perth. So try to read between the lines and figure what is wrong and try to work them out. But if it is a toxic and abusive relationship you’ve got going on, then this is a better and safer option.

A permanent proof

Sometimes verbal agreements just aren’t followed through with. Having them in a written form that is signed by both parties and witnessed by a third party or separation lawyer could be used as solid evidence in the case where either party may not be living up to the agreed terms. This is mainly beneficial in safeguarding either party in courts as well. So do consider drawing up an agreement beforehand. After all verbal agreements could always be manipulated and there is no proof to show as a justifying point. 

Who pays what

Just because there is a separation in your family life your bills aren’t going to pay themselves and neither are the authorities going to stop charging you. So set out the portion of who pays what and how much beforehand to avoid further arguments from occurring in future. Knowing exactly what to do shall also help both parties keep in check with their responsibilities and duties, because after all this is a legal agreement and not following through with it would certainly bring out consequences in the courts.


This is another part of separation that is bound to be met with. If you have children of your own you certainly might want to work out a visitation schedule amongst yourselves so that the kid isn’t forced to choose between a parent. If you do have to add in other clauses as well discuss them beforehand in front of the professional and them draw up an agreement that meets both your needs.Consider the above and make the smart choice.