Writing A Novel For The First Time: What You Should Do And Shouldn’t Do

If you have been a writer for a long time, then you may have dreams about publishing your own novel and becoming famous. Writing and publishing your own novel is not an easy thing to do. Most authors make it look like it is a walk in the park, but it is hardly anything of the sort. There are many things that you as a writer should be aware of if you are writing your first novel with the hopes of publishing it. You may have been writing under a pen name on various blogs, or you may have been publishing your work on just online platforms. However, here are a few things that you should do and should not do if you plan on publishing your work. 

Select a good story line

It is important that your novel has a good story line. For an instance, if your protagonist is a criminal lawyer, then ensure that he or she leads the life of a lawyer in the novel. It is true that characters in novels do not have to reflect real life, but it is more convincing if it does. For this purpose, you may want to shadow a person living the real life of what you hope your protagonist to be. This will most probably help you to build a rather convincing story line as you will be writing with the experience you have gained from a real person. It is also important that your story line is set to a certain extent before you start the writing process. It is impossible to know how your novel will end, but a rough idea would be great. Browse this site if you are looking for right criminal lawyer.

Hire a good publisher

The most difficult thing to do as a new writer is to hire a good publisher. Most publishers and publishing companies are reluctant to take on work of new authors. This is due to credibility issues as they are not sure whether your book will be a success or not. Therefore, prior to approaching a publisher you may want to have a clear structure or a draft copy of your novel. This way you will be able to convince the publisher to publish your work. It is important that you have a manuscript to show. Do not settle for the first publisher you meet, it is important that you visit several publishers and select the best one as this is important to your work.

Don’t share your work with everyone

If you used to blog about your work or post your work on blogging sites, then it is important that you stop doing this with the book that you hope to publish. It is okay that you share your work with your close friends for opinions but you should limit the circle you send it to. This is because, there are some people on the internet who will attempt to steal your ideas and make them their own. It does not mean that it will definitely happen to you, but you should be careful as these things do happen to people who write.